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‘Slide’ into the weekend with something unusual from the Germanic KID BE KID. ‘Slide feat. Julia Kadel & Simon Denizart’ was released today via SPRINGSTOFF. Be ready for cascading piano keys as unusual freestyle female beatboxing grabs your attention and keeps it hooked.

It’s an exciting weekend for KID BE KID as Sunday 08 March will see her live at Urban Urtyp, Bochum in Germany. Unable to make that date? We recommend making a plan to see her on one of her upcoming dates as this muso has proved herself worth seeing live. The engergy KID BE KID brings to the stage is unmissable. 

Upcoming Tour Dates:

08 March 2020 – Urban Urtyp, Bochum, Germany

17 March 2020 – L’Aéronef in Lille, France

02 April 2020 – with Becca Stevens in Café de la Danse, Paris, France

25 April 2020 – Kito, Bremen, Germany

26 April 2020 – Mojo Jazz Café, Hamburg, Germany

30 April 2020 – Weimar, Germany

02 May 2020 – Bunker Ulmenwall, Bielefeld, Germany

08 May 2020 – with Ark Noir and Simon Denizart, Jazzclub Tonne in Kurländer Palais, Dresden, Germany

29 May 2020 – with Julia Kadel and Kid be Kid meets Julia Kadel in Schloss Horst, Gelsenkirchen, Germany

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