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July 15, 2022 Creators eevee and cliffe capture a moment in intimate new collaboration

Image Credit: sweeep (@sweeep_)

Secret Souls founder eevee has produced an introspective single with the help of New York local, cliffe. The song is a warm blanket of melodious melancholy, contrasting with their previously released track ‘so easy’. While both tracks deal with what it means to love, ‘villain’ adopts a different approach, addressing its vices rather than its virtues.

Stream/ download: ‘villain’

The song is minimal, but not sparse. Each sound is handpicked and essential, conveying powerful emotions. One such sound is the slightly detuned guitar that strums beneath a vintage filter. Gliding from chord to chord, eevee chose to keep the sound of fingers in motion; a choice that serves to bring intimacy to the record, bolstering its confessional tone.

It’s not often we are made privy to such vulnerability. eevee and cliffe have let us into their world, and that is a privilege. We appreciate their poetry and poise, a combination that makes for long-lasting art. ‘villain’ is simply outstanding.

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