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October 31, 2019 Dead Method announces new song ‘Blonde’

“There is a beautiful dark foreboding intensity to the music of Dead Method. Classy and well- crafted electronic tracks with expressive and haunting vocals. Dead Method are well and truly dragging the torch song into the 21st century.” – NewSound Wales

“There’s something darkly exotic and wonderful different about Dead Method, whose artful electronica is beautifully creative and pulls on the emotional heartstrings, courtesy of Lloyd’s captivating voice.” – David Owens, WalesOnline

DEAD METHOD returns with his new single BLONDE. An exploration of body dysmorphia in the digital age and how social media influencers can negatively affect our mindset by offering up seemingly perfect bodies and lives for the consumption of a hungry audience around the world 24/7.

Set against a backdrop of aggressive synths, this wild and vigorous track relentlessly hits home with a catchy hook and soaring vocals. Produced, mixed and mastered by Minas who also co-wrote the song.

Dead Method is an unstoppable force of experimental art-pop. In the last twelve months, he has been working closely with Forte Project supported by Arts Council of Wales and PRS for Music Foundation which has put him at the forefront of the Welsh music scene with his unique experimental-pop sound.

Dead Method appeared in a feature on Exit Through Sound

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