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October 23, 2020 Downtempo composer Nuit Oceān uplifts with EP, Fire Divine

   Credit: Nuit Ocean

Music producer Nuit  Oceān releases his inspiring EP Fire Divine via ROUGE NEON RECORDS today, just in time for winding down this weekend. 

Born with the name Steve Mesmin, Nuit Oceān is a well-traveled French composer, that has roots in the DRC and Algeria. His mother would indulge him by playing the saxophone frequently. These factors would lead him on his own musical journey, and we are so grateful for that.

This EP shows the essence of vulnerability and strength in one breath. It is a work of art that can be interpreted in multiple meanings, but we can all agree that this EP is fragrant and colorful as well as easy on the ears. 

Nuit Oceān elaborates on the concept behind the EP: “I always have this “mantra” in my head during the creating and recording process: “When there is nothing left. When you no longer have the strength to move forward. There he is, in each of us… The FIRE DIVINE guides us to a better version of ourselves, towards a brighter future. Let it flow.”

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