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October 15, 2021 Duo rocomoco and music producer Devon Rea share peaceful lo-fi song

Ahead of their debut LP Into The Blue, up-and-coming lo-fi duo rocomoco have shared another mesmerizing track ‘Djeep’ with producer Devon Rea. Released via  Aviary Day on Aviary Bridge Records Ltd, this track is set to feature on the anticipated album release. Both well-versed in the lo-fi genre, the duo and Devon Rea make a compatible trio. On this seamless track, one feels like they are listening to a never-ending stream of water flow – simple and peaceful.

‘Djeep (with Devon Rea)’ on SpotifyiTunes

In an interview with Chill Music, the duo described their sound: “We love chilled vibes and dusty beats. We want people to sit back and relax while listening. But we also love telling stories or capturing personal moments and atmospheres with our music. Listeners are invited to find the meaning of the stories behind the songs on our social media and on our YouTube channel.”

To date, the remarkable pair rocomoco have accumulated a collective play count of over 11 million across music streaming platforms. Devon Rae has also received their fair share of the spotlight, featuring on popular playlists on Spotify like lofi beats and Jazz Vibes

Into The Blue LP Tracklisting

1. Into The Blue

2. Grooveshop (with Hoffy Beats)

3. Aurola (with Bastido)

4. Djeep (with Devon Rea)

5. Warm Flicker 

6. Sparkling From A Distance

7. Lay Back (with The Hidden and Harry Hawaii)

8. Years

9. Some More Luck (with Tabi)

10. Clouds

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