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July 2, 2024 Dynamic artist Madjo releases Rebellion album, along with powerful music video

Singer songwriter and musician Madjo released her third album Rebellion on June 14 2024. The French-Swiss Senegalese artist has received praise from the likes of EARMILK, Music Crowns, Southern FM, Konbini, Rock n Fool and Radio France to name just a few. In this album, Madjo bares her soul as Rebellion addresses deeply personal issues, challenges, fears and triumphs. 

Rebellion is overflowing with passion, turmoil, frustration, and sincere emotion as she comes to terms with her fears about the rapid decline of the environment, her struggle with becoming a mother, as well as the new found joy her child has given her. The focus track ‘Rebellion’ illustrates this perfectly, as she sings a powerful chorus, layered with heavy-hearted verses. Madjo’s voice is iconic as it glides over the emotive chords and captivating melody. She also released a poignant music video for the title track.

Madjo’s journey into motherhood was the catalyst behind the message of this album. She understood her duty to pass on knowledge which inspired her to write about life, the climate emergency, love, beauty and femininity. The theme of the music video portrays a feeling of needing to break free from societal shackles, and ends on the possibility of a better future for all. Director Diane Moyssan and Madjo wanted the video to depict the rigidity we often experience in our day-to-day lives. The black and white music video blurs the lines of time as Madjo is indoors, between three walls. The music video addresses feelings of mistreatment by a system that immobilises and mistreats us. Aside from this, it shows us that nother world is possible, that there is hope. 

Watch the music video for ‘Rebellion’ below:

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