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August 22, 2022 eevee and sweeep excite with the new song ‘the one’

Image Credit: Secret Souls

Forward-thinking producers eevee and sweeep have returned to the studio to produce a pleasantly haunting record called ‘the one’.  The single is a sneak preview of their forthcoming collaborative album vandalism and selfcare, scheduled for release under eevee’s Secret Souls label.

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The single feels as if it represents a forgotten place, once loved but now lost, eroded by the sands of time. Like a flame in the wind, noises flicker, casting long shadows on the walls. Crickets chirp in the corners while spinning vinyl crackle calls to us, inviting us to explore the abandoned ruins of memory and melody. 

The single is as much of a deconstruction as it is a production. Bits and pieces fall away, collapsing beneath our feet so that we plummet into a torrent of emotion that the two creators have unleashed.  But we swim through, arriving safely on sturdy shores where eevee and sweeep wait to warm us.

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