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February 25, 2022 Electronic musician MARIA Die RUHE embraces insecurity with song ‘Skin’

       Image credit: Natalia Luzenko

Evocative songbird MARIA Die RUHE has shared her latest single ‘Skin’ which explores sexuality and body positivity. The songstress brings a fresh approach to her art, like a phoenix she has risen and conquers her fears and insecurities one song at a time. The track was released yesterday via Reduced To the Root, and is a divine ethereal body accepting anthem. Orchestral and electronic fusions collide with the mystically alluring vocals of the songstress.

Stream / Download: ‘Skin’

MARIA Die RUHE shares personal insight on how the track came to be: “I disliked my body for the longest period of my life for different reasons. I was always ashamed of getting undressed first in school sports, later with lovers. A lot of women share this phenomenon. This is insane. Today, I know that I am perfect as I am and beautiful. Do you like this vehicle you were born into? Your body? Your body is a magical machine with incredible functions and huge abilities to learn, develop, change. It is always there for you. You are your body and your body becomes the thoughts you are giving to it. With ‘SKIN’, I am rounding up my life and travelling the transformation of making peace with my body and loving and nurturing it as it is. My body. The only one I have in this life.”

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We have all felt or feel insecure about something at a certain point in our life, MARIA Die RUHE embraces her insecurities and blooms through doing so. Regardless of where you are in your journey of self-acceptance, I think we can all take a petal from the singer’s insightful lyrical bouquet that gives one a touch of hope and liberation to look beyond the surface. 

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