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March 8, 2023 Ezra Veda releases harmonious debut song ‘A Brand New Day’

Image via publicist

The first time Ezra Veda started creating music was during her high school period. In the school band, it became clear that she had a beautiful voice. Soon the first proposals came from the music industry to write songs and specially to sign with them. The then-teenager let it all happen resignedly. “I’d better finish my studies first and then I’ll see what else comes my way,” was her answer.

A few years later, the time has come. The now 22-year-old releases her first single ‘A Brand New Day’. A beautiful pop song in which Ezra’s voice is perfectly at home.

The single opens small and subdued and grabs you from the start and then slowly opens and guides you to an apotheosis to return to a sensitive outro. Before you know it, you’re at the end of the song and you think, hold on wait a minute, and you’ll listen to it again.

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