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November 12, 2020 Forward-thinking IDM producer Bastian Benjamin shares atmospheric song ‘Threshold’

Music producer Bastian Benjamin leaves his listeners speechless once again with the highly experimental yet delicate offering ‘Threshold’. The single is one of four of his latest offerings to feature on his highly anticipated album release Two Truths on the 4th of December.

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Bastian Benjamin gives his fans insight on the new single’s meaning:  “The moment when the end is in sight, and you can already touch the light. Is the moment where one final sprint is going to occur. And you will have to do it all yourself.

Carrying an uplifting note, ‘Threshold’ possesses similar energy to its predecessor ‘Confrontation’. Muze FM commented on ‘Confrontation’ recently, “‘Confrontation’ hooks the listener into a world of possibility and wonder, with Benjamin‘s mystical and enchanting notes that ease the mind for its duration.”

‘Threshold’ inspires the listener to take that leap, or fall before the victory. Exuding with bold & rich electronics, Benjamin finds a divine balance of experimental harmony and an uplifting melody.

Two Truths Album Tracklisting

1. Edge

2. Creep

3. 2D

4. Unsure

5. Exploration

6. Confrontation

7. Empty

8. Concrete

9. I Have Feelings Too

10. Mantra

11. Threshold

12. Migration

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