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December 15, 2021 Indie outfit Dennyiah return with enchanting new single ‘Sense Of Rain’

Fusing pop, country, soul and blues, Slovakian indie band Dennyiah have returned with another stunning release. ‘Sense Of Rain’ traverses EDM territory, further proving Dennyiah’s versatility as artists.

Dennyiah is vocalist Denny and guitarist Lubos. Their album is expected in 2022, and the duo is well on their way to reaching international audiences.

The stunning video for ‘Sense Of Rain’ features Massay dancer Fernando Anuang’a, who adds a visceral visual aesthetic to the track. The track showcases Denny’s vocals, which sit beautifully atop the alluring melody.

Dennyiah shares, “It’s about the elusive sensation of an invincible life force coming from within. Losing the ego and idealised and pre-constructed idea of self. That’s when nothing around changes. The only thing that changes is your perception and the fact that it doesn’t have the power to go under your skin anymore because it’s always been disconnected from the true within. Bad things good things – it’s all the same – what matters is how much you let it drag you down. This song speaks about the short moment of enlightenment, about the deep connection to everything without the heaviness of reaction.”

Adding to how the track was created, Dennyiah share, “It was created years ago with two of our former bandmates. Matej Marga ( drummer) and Miroslav Kažimír ( synth/piano). Miro created the base synth layers and Matej added drums. After that we jammed the idea in our rehearsal room all together with Lubo ( guitarist) and I came up with the melody that was actually stuck in my head for a while – the part where I sing sense of the rain. Lyrics were written long before coz’ I was going through a lot of changes in my life and was looking for a spiritual awakening which eventually happened, at least for a short while. The song came absolutely naturally and we may all agree that it’s a testimony to a better life within ourselves.”

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Photo credit: Veronika Židová

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