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September 30, 2020 Indie pop musician Team Solo shares debut song ‘It Only Makes Me Love you More’

Introducing: Team Solo, a collaborative solo project from Hackney based recording artist Scuta Salamanca (previously of The Dallas Guild and also Social Skills). First inspired by a minimalist Hip Hop / R&B approach after finding a broken ’80s drum machine (EMU SP12), he melds Indie, Pop, and Ska influences with a colourful aesthetic to create a sound that’s truly unique.

Debut single It Only Makes Me Love You More is the first taste of Team Solos percussive, energetic and driving left-of-centre pop. The track is a light-hearted play on feeling under the thumb in a relationship, Scuta says, adding I’m trapped in love – but perhaps I like it that way. “

Recorded in Scuta’s old, ramshackle studio in a factory in North London” the track features his studio neighbour Nick Crofts (Heart Years, The Title Sequence) on piano and also Alex Reeves (Elbow, Dizzee Rascal) on Percussion.

Prone to trying everything, as a solo artist making tracks in his studio in Hackney, the musical mantra of Team Solo is: minimalism. The songs need to be simple enough so he could pack a bag at a moments notice and perform anywhere in the world. Not wanting to just make a solo project, he invites a guest to perform on each song during the process of recording. Some of them he knows, and others he has never met or even spoken to, often allowing the guests artist to do whatever they want which gives a greater colour to each track whilst still remaining distinctly Team Solo.

Team Solo is a wholly unique proposition, which is only set to grow after the release of their debut single.

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