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March 17, 2022 Indie pop singer ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) shares hazy song ‘Home’

South Korean singer-songwriter / musician ID:EARTH (아이디얼스) returns with ‘Home’, a hazy, pared-down indie-pop gem, following on from her recent track ‘Betting’ feat Korean rapper Dbo. 

Lifted from the forthcoming 4-track EP ‘Panorama’ due later this year, ‘Home‘ forms part of the EP’s connected series, exploring polarising musings on society and human experiences. Sung in both English and Hangul (한글) ID:EARTH’s ethereal vocals flit seamlessly over smooth lo-fi meditative melodies.

She explains: “Home is a song written thinking about my family. I want to say that family is always beside you, whenever wherever. There’s a theme to the artwork. The first single ‘Betting’ shows two Queens that represents one pair of two cards with the same number, and two Queens and 222 from ‘Home’s artwork combines to become a full house. That’s the meaning of this song. The number 222 is 2022 and February 22nd is my birthday. A sculpture in a human mask. Inside that, it’s being filled with souls, emotions, memories and experiences. Sometimes we need to knock on the door and look before time passes and it overflows and the statues are scattered. The owner who wants to protect the house will be waiting for us. Always remember that I hold the key to ‘my home’. I dedicate this song to the people I love and who love me.”

ID:Earth, which means “the identity of the Earth,” hails from Seoul, South Korea and made her debut in 2019 with ‘Egypt’, an experimental, cross genre pop tune which garnered immediate attention. The next single ‘Olympus’ followed swiftly and led to her acclaimed debut album [BE] in 2020. ID:EARTH’s lyrics encapsulates our relationship with the earth and human civilisation. “My music is made to be connected and pieced together like a puzzle. The lyrics are anecdotes and stories about history, myths and philosophies, it also looks into the lives of people and contains their experiences.”

ID:EARTH’s music has been featured in various Korean movies and television series and she continues to push the boundaries with her unique inimitable style in 2022.

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