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June 18, 2021 Innovative avant-garde singer Fifi Rong shares clever take on love unreciprocated

           Image Credit: Dylan Chubb

Multi-talented musician and innovator Fifi Rong has delighted once again with the latest song ‘Dream On’, which is set to feature on her upcoming solo album release There Is A Funeral In My Heart For Every Man I Loved later this year. The singer has been making her name known as a forward-thinking individual after the launch of her Yi Jing 意境 Live Performance Series , which is a virtual immersive platform for artists and art lovers to connect and get exposure. 

Stream/ download: ‘Dream On’

Rong previously featured on RCRD LBL with the ‘Another Me’ video along with a feature on Phuture Life with the ‘Only Man’ video. Both works are noticeably different in comparison to production stylings and are probably due to the fact that Fifi is always keen to change things up for the sake of getting her poignant messages across for each song’s contrasting message – a true artist indeed. 

Innovative and visceral with her approach to her craft, Rong proves to be an act to watch in the months to come with her latest platform initiative and creating music that leaves one pondering on their choices when it comes to being rational and being in love with someone. ‘Dream On’ is a clever take on unrequited love, as Rong shares foresight on a love that has not had the opportunity to be acknowledged. 

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