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September 29, 2023 Inusa Dawuda’s tranquil tenacity shines through in new single ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’

Singer-songwriter, saxophonist, record producer and entertainer Inusa Dawuda a.k.a the “Black Pharaoh” released his latest single, ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ on the 1st of September 2023. Born in Ghana, and now based in Hamburg, Germany, Inusa Dawuda is deeply inspired by the likes of James Brown, Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff, which is evident in his current records and persona. He has enjoyed success with his music being released on various labels such as BMG and Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, and even on Cafe Del Mar. Inusa has also graced festival stages and clubs across the world, from Pacha in Ibiza, to Nikki beach in Miami

‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ is a smooth and groovy balance of instrumental and electronic music – complex African rhythms, lush pads and warm guitar licks are decoratively interspersed with glimmers of Dawuda’s sultry saxophone. His voice is raspy, soulful and potent, lending the song a strong sense of exultation. ‘Waka waka’ is a slang phrase from Cameroon that means ‘do it’; a song about perseverance and joy through difficult times.

“’Waka Waka Day & Night’ is a song born from the struggles of everyday life, particularly for those from the global south who seek a better life abroad,” Inusa Dawuda noted. “It all started with a bassline inspired by my late friend and companion Lisbon Bolowei Simon, who had once played with Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti at a very young age, he told me.”

Watch: Inusa Dawuda – ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ (Lyrics video)

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