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February 17, 2023 KID BE KID undresses her new song ‘Naked Times’

Image credit: KID BE KID

Gowned in gold, German musician KID BE KID breaks down the walls to reveal her true self in her new single ‘Naked Times’, an exploration of what it means to be real in a plastic digital world–a theme further alluded to by the title of her upcoming album Truly A Life Goal But No Ice Cream, which will see streaming platforms on the 9th of June. No disguises here. But who is the artist behind the moniker? 

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KID BE KID is a trained pianist with an antithetical approach to the traditional approach of playing music. She prefers the liberation that Jazz improvisation provides, composing music akin to the work of English singer FKA twigs, blending soulful vocals with avant-instrumentation to create something bordering the Art Pop genre. 

Her musical admixture has gained the attention of magazines listeners will recognise: Complex UK and Jazzwise UK have previously published their support for the Fun In The Church signee, while a station native to her home country, German station Deutschlandfunk Kultur, has aired her work. 2023 will see her tour Europe at venues like the culture centre Kulturetage Halle in Oldenburg, Germany and the live music venue Les Cuizines, Ville de Chelles in France.

KID BE KID Tour Dates 2023

11th March – Kulturetage Halle, Oldenburg, Germany

23rd March – Burghof, Lörrach, Germany

24th March – Les Cuizines, Ville de Chelles (near Paris), France

18th April – Cully Jazz Festival, Cully, Switzerland

12th May –  XJAZZ! Festival, Berlin, Germany

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