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July 25, 2023 Klay Cartier ventures past genre with ‘Good For Nothin’’

Image credit: Rachael Baker @RWPhotography

Klay Cartier is an emerging artist who dabbles in the deep end, where the borders between genres have evaporated into mist. His latest offering, a percussion-heavy (or should I say heavy percussion) single titled ‘Good For Nothin’’, showcases his ability to veer off into new lanes without changing course.

Stream / Download: Klay Cartier – ‘Good For Nothin’’

To this end, he shared: “I recorded and worked on this song over a year ago. I knew I wanted to step out of my wheelhouse like I usually do, and it pushed me to make this incredible song. I took aspects from R&B, Pop, Rock, and Latin genres and mashed them together to create this electrifying experience for the listener.” 

Signed with Kult Klassic Studios, his latest offering is a bare-bones production. This is not to say that it is by any means sparse, but rather that the focus on the raw physicality of the drum rhythms mixed with Cartier’s unblemished voice makes for an essential and directed work of art.

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