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August 11, 2020 Leanne Tennant’s song ‘Overthinker’ is a thoughtful ode

  Photo Credit: Matthew Loncar

UK born singer and songwriter Leanne Tennant new relatable single off of her Happiness Is album titled ‘Overthinker’ is comforting to the lost and fragile in these times of chaos around the world. The songstress has mentioned the tensions and anxieties that she was facing as an artist in her previous single ‘Everspin’. 

Leanne shares personal details behind the development of the song, “As a sufferer of anxiety, I have a tendency to overthink things.  I started writing this song when I was feeling a little fragile however what came out was quite powerful.  Even though the lyrics are about my overactive mind, I wanted this song to be a song of strength.  A reminder that I am strong.”

Leanne is an open book to anyone that will hear her sincere and thoughtful lyrics about the small victories and challenges that she faces every day as a creative and human being. but ‘Overthinker’ digs deeper into the vulnerable space of mental health. 

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