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November 16, 2023 Listen to Jenny Alien’s sizzling single, ‘Summer Fling’, from new LP ‘Massive Love Bangers’

Brooklyn-based hyperpop princess Jenny Alien has dropped her electric second LP, Massive Love Bangers on the 15th of November, 2023. Written, produced and mixed by Jenny herself, Massive Love Bangers delivers 32 minutes jam-packed with infectious hooks, pulsating beats and daring experimental electronic textures, narrating the agonies and ecstasies of coming-of-age experiences with raw and witty songwriting. The album’s catchy lead single, ‘Summer Fling’, landed a week before the album and served us a sizzling appetizer for what was to come.

‘Summer Fling’ is the perfect showcase of Jenny‘s prowess as producer and songwriter, striking a moving balance between bright and hopeful 80s power pop balladry and uber-modern hyperpop nuances and production. Jenny’s glitchy vocals are energizing and enchanting, her lyrics honest and emotive – ‘Summer Fling’ is a perfect 21st-century anthem for processing the wonder and confusion of a short-lived, sun-soaked romance.

On the album as a whole, Jenny divulged: “Massive Love Bangers’ is an unabashed pop compilation of love and heartbreak, and is embarrassingly sincere. It’s pop and chaotic, punk at moments, then ends on a stripped down guitar ballad – an emotional arch similar to the craziness of what my experience of falling in and out of love feels like. Dance, cry, scream, make up, make out (I don’t care), while I open up about my love life, partying, sex, drugs, queerness, and everything in between.”

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