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November 24, 2023 Lofi hit-maker coldbrew unleashes soulful bedroom single

In anticipation of his upcoming beat-driven LP entitled ‘no time to waste, Oklahoma-based lofi producer coldbrew shared his third single, ‘because of you’. Unveiled to the world on 15 November, the new track showcases a gorgeous smorgasbord of jazz, hip hop, and all-round chilled-out vibes. This latest gem boasts an atmosphere of rich nostalgia whilst a delicately uplifting piano line runs throughout. coldbrew maintains his rugged, lofi hip hop roots with a trademark face-smacking crunchy percussion. Stream the single and the other freshly released tracks below:

Featuring as closer for the ‘no time to waste’ album, this triumphant hit was created to express the immense gratitude coldbrew has for his loyal fan base. Without regular touring, bedroom beat-makers aren’t usually privy to their audience’s reactions. However, this uplifting artist’s following got creative with their support eaarlier this year.

coldbrew shared, “This track is dedicated to the fans of my creations. I have been making and releasing beats for nearly 5 years [but] my social following has been a very small percentage of that. Until recently that is. In January 2023 I posted a video of me waving, with text that said “I made this song” (with my song simple. playing). [I was] flooded with fans telling me their experiences with the track and memories they have made to it. I feel so damn lucky, and it’s all because of you”.

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