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April 13, 2023 LT takes a stand in new song ‘Act Your Age’

Image credit: @SheisAphrodite

LT is keeping the spirit of youth alive. Fanning the flames, she has released a new song entitled ‘Act Your Age’. Refusing to do exactly that, she defies all who claim to be an authority on the matter, redefining what it means to grow up. No, LT is sticking to her guns, professing her refusal to be told what to do in a spicy bass-driven Indie Pop record. 

Stream / Download: LT – ‘Act Your Age’

“When you’re a kid, people are telling you to grow up and ‘act your age’ and then when you get a little older, women especially, are told they can’t behave, dress, or continue working in a variety of careers because they’re too old.  Stuff that. I’ll act whatever age I want to,” she says, standing her ground on the matter. The independently-released record is out now LT Records.

LT Tour Dates 2023

Thursday 20th April – It’s Still A Secret, Brisbane, Australia

Friday 21st April – Tanks Arts Centre, Cairns, Australia

Wednesday 24th May – (Secret Show), Liverpool, UK

Friday 2nd June – Levi’s Corner House, Cork, Ireland

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