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July 5, 2023 Marianna Winter speaks out in ‘People Pleaser’

Image credit: Aleksandra Milanovic

Marianna Winter is tired of being mistreated. She tells us so in her new single ‘People Pleaser’, a record precisely addressed what the topic so clearly highlights: the challenges involved in doing for others when they don’t do anything for you. Fans can find the song on digital platforms, out now via Tutl Records.

Stream / Download: Marianna Winter – ‘People Pleaser’

The track is a tightly-woven story. That is, each lyric contributes to the overarching concept, set to a mid-tempo groove of rippling synths and chord-driven bass that bolsters the harmonic progression of the darker pop record. Darker is Marrianna’s style, and she does it well. Her music isn’t heavy but firm and to the point. Thematically, it resembles the attitude conveyed by her previously released single ‘Consequences’.

She speaks directly to listeners: “We all know some people pleasers in our lives. If you don’t then maybe you ARE one… if so, don’t worry. I got you. This year I sought to add a new word to my vocabulary. The word being: no. I found myself saying yes to everything, but I always ended up leaving my attention and well-being unevenly distributed – in both professional and personal relationships. My new goal gave birth to this song, which I hope will empower other people pleasers to give a little less fucks too.”

Listen here!

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