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May 11, 2021 Mattia Cupelli’s ‘MONOLITH’ music video captures the imagination

From a decaying city rises a great ‘MONOLITH’, created in a bygone era and carrying reminiscence of a past civilization. As the sweeping green moss and grass covers the surrounding area, we’re left to wonder – is this the past, the future, or the current time in an alternative reality?

Mattia Cupelli explores the world of time and its impression on humanity in his upcoming album RUINS, slated for release on the 9th of July via MC Records. ‘MONOLITH’ is the first glimpse of the LP, standing boldly and leading listeners in a new direction, away from Mattia Cupelli’s previous sound. Traditionally associated with film scores and lighter, more delicate music, this single marks a turn towards a darker, more experimental sound.

Stream/ Download: ‘MONOLITH’

Mattia Cupelli tells his fans about the creation of the video: “When I contacted the video maker for the video, we wanted to recreate the sensation of Time passing and at the same time standing. We took some classical art statues from the past and made them move through shadows, as an endless infinite evolution.”

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By Sarah Britton

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