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May 10, 2021 Music duo ERA C’s vocalist Sofia Insua shines on latest song ‘0-60 mph’

Image credit: Johannes Kremer

Music production team Sofia Insua & Mirza Ramic a.k.a. ERA C have unveiled their latest avant-pop gem ‘0-60mph’, and we are mesmerized. This release will feature on their upcoming debut album release DELIRIA via Future Archive Recordings. In the meantime, while we wait in anticipation for this album release, you can lose yourself in the spellbinding tension of this latest gem that Easy Easy frontwoman Sofia takes full reign over as an enigmatic songbird. 

Stream/Download ‘0-60 mph’ single

Speaking about the upcoming album release with Reverbs (read interview), Sofia shared : “The overall concept of DELIRIA was dictated by its context. It was written during periods of change, transition and adaptation. The album is about distance and its sneaky way of censoring the heart, by preventing it from feeling.”


‘0-60 mph’ definitely by far is the best description of Sofia’s inspiration behind the album’s name, in terms of the timing of your life’s biggest challenges/victories and how things do not always go according to plan. Through strategic pacing and effects that mimic the sound of analogue time, always moving in the background. This track subconsciously leaves one to think of the progression of time and how your reality can change in the blink of an eye. 

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