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April 24, 2020 Music duo Neon Neet releases new  EP “Persuasion”

Neon Neet will drop their debut EP ‘Persuasion’, along with their third single and title track on April 17, 2020.

The single ‘Persuasion’ is both a homage to a healthy ego and a reminder to trust one’s own gut instinct. It’s about not letting people talk you into something you have a bad feeling about. It’s about believing in yourself and not letting other people’s opinions control you. Self-assurance and confidence will help pull you away from toxic people and thoughts while the recurring distorted samples in ‘Persuasion’ symbolise annoying voices and disturbing communications.

There are four songs on the EP, listed and released in alphabetical order. Starting with Neon Neet’s angry debut single ‘Extension’, the EP calms down with ‘Loop You’ and ‘Persuasion’ and ends almost mantra-like with ‘Unzip’.

 ‘Loop You’ picks up the storyline from Neon Neet’s debut single ‘Extension’, but where the first track’s catchy chorus “I can’t do it on my own” called for help in a crisis, ‘Loop You’ dives far deeper into feelings of helplessness and desperation. Appealing to self-confidence ‘Persuasion’ takes a pass on toxic people and thematically links into the fourth track on the EP ‘Unzip’, which is about finding inner peace: “…all the things I need I have inside my heart“.

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