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LA-based pop duo, rosecoloredworld, continue to take on the Sunset Strip with the release of their debut single’s music video “Walking on the Sun.” Addison Scott and RAE merge their real-life romance with mystical energies to throw a tea party complete with rainbow lollipops, giant sunglasses, glam trimmings and FUN without any of the pretension.

rosecoloredworld did right by their namesake and mission statement in their debut music video. Their energetic vocals and funk-filled beats parallel the video exactly and tell the story of who rosecoloredworld is and what they’re about. The video plays out like a Friday night party that just happened to be caught on film because for the most part, it was. The band invited their friends and family to take part in the video in order to allow for a genuine glimpse into their rose-coloured world and those who helped them create it.

The couple’s unwavering positivity is heard in the single and they wanted the video to be a visual representation of that as well. With the help of a local artist, Jim Budman, who immediately understood their vision, they were able to turn their fantasy into reality. Budman opened his Venice studio to rosecoloredworld and their family to host the psychedelic kickback where they were about to express their radical energy and welcome all who listen to join their rose-coloured world.

Born out of two burgeoning solo careers on parallel tracks, Addison and RAE met at a show while both wearing rose-colored glasses on the night that Tom Petty passed away. Although music came first, their undeniable chemistry brought them together romantically as well. Addison has adopted RAE’s spiritual calling to help the homeless, raise money for Children’s Miracle Network, and speaking at schools to promote kindness, respect, and love. This is the foundation rosecoloredworld was built on and will be a reoccurring theme throughout their upcoming release. rosecoloredworld will be taking part in Sofar Sounds in NYC on December 2nd.

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