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August 17, 2020 Music producer Franky Wah releases new house song ‘Come Together’

In a time of global uncertainty, Franky Wah shares the euphoric and hopeful ‘Come Together’, his first single release of 2020 which is out today.

A breakbeat twist on the classic UK house sound, ‘Come Together’ pairs hands-in-the-air piano chords with irresistible female vocals and atmospheric drums – delivering carefree vibes with a strong message of unity to encourage and uplift people during this difficult global situation.

 Talking on the single, Franky Wah explains: “I wrote this record at the end of summer 2019 inspired by one of the best summers of my life touring and playing all over the world. I wanted to capture the essence of the 90s and put a modern take on it, and the minute I found those piano chords I really felt I was onto something.” He adds: “I think given the global crisis we’re going through at minute this record couldn’t be more fitting, and I hope everyone resonates with this like I do.”

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