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August 7, 2021 Music producer KESH shares euphoric electronica single

London multi-hyphenate KESH releases third sonic installment “Mind Maze”.

“Mind Maze is a song about getting in your own way. Knowing you have so much to give. So much to live for and contribute to things bigger than yourself. Yet being consistently drained by emotions and trapped in the narratives of past traumas. Stuck in the never-ending cycles of negative thought patterns. Sinking deeper and deeper. Lost within the mind maze.” KESH says.

The third instalment to complete the body of work entitled ~ Throes, was made with the intention to be listened to loud – the outcome, an otherworldly immersive experience.  The complex soundscapes of “Mind Maze” encapsulates KESH’s pain and hope beautifully, slowly building towards a climactic end of electronic euphoria. The heavy hitting expression invites the listener to release. Take “Jadine’s Escape” for example, with it’s opening made up of towering sounds of static and distorted vocals, the reverberating beat is intense and uniquely meditative at the same time. The brutalist architecture of this song is then shattered with ethereal and melodic tones and sees KESH take flight with her soaring, softly sung words. “not gaan out” is comprised of dynamic, industrial sounds that transcend the listener to the darkest depths of the club. It is unconventional, adding a complexity that’s riveting and radical and the sonics are juxtaposed by airy, feather light vocals which explore internal conflicts. It recalls the unorthodox sound design of Richard D. James as much as the raw lyricism of Björk.

An acclaimed visual artist, designer and DJ, KESH’s music is the next chapter in a creative career that has always pushed boundaries. Driving every aspect of the songwriting, she writes, directs and co-produces all of her music from concept to master. Her music has been championed by the likes of Channel 4 News, Dazed, Clash, The Face, Purple, Flaunt and more, firmly placing her at the forefront of experimental music making.

This year, KESH’s originality was celebrated in 8 commissioned self portraits that she produced for the Moschino Picasso collection. She photographed and creative directed 8 images starring herself for the brand which were released via their socials and website. Her work was displayed in the critically acclaimed Christie’s exhibition ‘Say It Loud’ and her debut NFT was successfully sold at Auction with Christies New York in June of this year. Channel 4 News interviewed KESH earlier the year as one of the most relevant digital artists of today and played Jadines Escape to accompany the interview piece. This was broadcasted on National television.  Kim Kardashian’s underwear brand SKIMS commissioned KESH to apply one of her continuing artwork concepts to a ten image campaign which was photographed, creative directed and cast by KESH which was released in October 2020 before she dropped her own limited edition “Jadine’s Escape” T-Shirt modelled by actor and long-time collector of her work, Samuel L Jackson.

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