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August 27, 2021 Music producer Olovson explores the inner child with ‘Gyroscope music video

                                                  Image credit: Eliot Hazel

Leaving the mind on overdrive with abstract mental images of faraway lands and destinations, music producer Olovson continues to keep us hooked on his minimal sound. Today he has shared quirky visuals to accompany his latest single ‘Gyroscope’. The music video is animated by multi-talented creative Gabriel Böhmer, who also animated the music video for Olovson track ‘Books Are Flying’. Read the full feature about the ‘Books Are Flying’ video here.

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Olovson is the alias of renowned music producer and collaborator Jacob Oloffson who is well-known for his work with more commercial acts like Dua Lipa and Camila Cabello. He also forms part of the Grammy-award winning duo Jarami. The Olovson moniker has given Jacob the creative room to explore his talent for composing more mellow and ambient sounds with tracks like ‘Gyroscope’ and this video is icing on the cake for the inner child to consume.

Olovson shared that the video was supposed to be about a young mind hungry for adventure. He finds adventure by exploring past inventions in his grandparent’s basement. Olovson finds inspiration for his music in the simple pleasures of life and the endless possibilities the mind can create when you let it flourish with new and old knowledge.

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