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March 24, 2021 Music producer Wolf Saga song ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ cuts like a knife

Image credit: Michael Alexander

Razor-sharp lyrics, paired with dazzling indie electronics Wolf Saga’s ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ cuts one like a freshly sharpened knife. The single features on Wolf Saga’s self-titled album – a thought-provoking indie-pop gem to those that give it a chance.

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Released during the pandemic, ‘Alice In Nowhere Land’ touches on social media as our key method of communication with loved ones, friends & family. Though social media has been a godsend in times like these, one can also get sucked into the negative aspects (such as internet trolls, body image and self-worth). ‘Alice In Nowhere land’ dives into the false realities we often buy into on social media platforms like Instagram.

This single though quite chilling, encourages the listener to step outside & appreciate the life around them instead of making blinded comparisons. Wolf Saga commented on the importance of this single: “We see people’s “lives” curated through their social accounts, but it’s increasingly difficult to parse what’s real and what’s performed. I’m hopeful that we’re at the precipice of a shift in social media consumption, particularly as people around the world wake up, and demand authenticity in everything they engage in.”

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