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August 2, 2022 Musician CONFLUENCE shares ‘My Everything’

Image credit: Morax Photography

CNFLNC producer CONFLUENCE has shared his new single, ‘My Everything’, a song that displays his talents and technique. A musician who knows how to work with vocals, CONFLUENCE gives them their own space in the mix. The vocal line takes center stage, holding the song together as synths dance around it. Full of interesting textures, the song overflows with warmth and volume. 

Steam / Download: Confluence – ‘My Everything’

Spilling over, the song is a melting pot of ideas that culminates in a climax that rushes headlong toward oblivion. The pace picks up and carries listeners across a landscape of ecstasy, where we are all too happy to lose ourselves. Finding our way back once more, we follow behind CONFLUENCE as he leads us through his exotic exhibition of auditory nuance.

The artist tells us how his song came about saying, “My Everything is a Progressive House and Melodic Techno track and a vibrant, positive and energetic track and I would describe it as my Summer Hit. I remember opening a random project that I started 2 years ago and decided to develop the idea and one week later, the track was completed. What inspired me when making My Everything is the vocal. At the beginning I wanted to use a vocal sample just to hear how it would sound if I was to work with a singer/songwriter and after finding the vocal line, I thought that this was actually perfect and from there I kept it and it became the official vocal of the track.”



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