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April 19, 2022 Musician NAKAYA shares retro-infused EP

Image courtesy of NAKAYA

 Los Angeles-based alt singer-songwriter NAKAYA shares her brand new EP, Fire Becomes Me (out now via Better Company Records). This new four-track project is about growth and resilience as it chronicles Nakaya’s journey towards self-acceptance.

Speaking on the EP, NAKAYA wrote: “Honestly, I started this project feeling completely directionless but what I found was that Fire Becomes Me became my source of healing. I would love to tie the theme up with a singular bow but life is not so linear so I will say that it chronicles a vast change. I always made frail attempts at controlling the way my life went, but in this record you can see me grow from a person who fought with circumstance to one that embraced a sense of acceptance through my experiences. I am mutating and growing and shifting and I think the work reflects that.”

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