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Parisian trio Oracle Sisters return today (March 11th) with new single ‘Asc. Scorpio’, a swaying astral pop stomp of surrealist vignettes. Their first new music of 2020, ‘Asc. Scorpio’ is a taste of their long-awaited debut EP due for release later this Spring.

The idea of the song was born when Lewis (lead guitarist) was stung by a scorpion in Jamaica. The bite travelled back to Paris, along with the scorpion which he caught and smuggled through customs. 

Sat down with Chris (lead vocals) one afternoon over a drum machine, an acoustic guitar, the newly erected scorpion shrine and a sudden astrological epiphany, they got to writing ‘Asc. Scorpio’. Initially inspired by A Tribe Called Quest, they built upon the drum machine, layering their now-signature three-part harmonies and reverb-drenched guitars over the beats.

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