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February 12, 2024 Plain Mister Smith unveils another playful tune, ‘Grade Five and the Axe’ featuring Findlay Brown

The enigmatic Plain Mister Smith continues to mesmerize his audience with his latest single, ‘Grade Five and the Axe’ (feat. Findlay Brown), which was released on February 9th through Popoganda Records. Maintaining a distinctive presence in the indie-folk scene, Plain Mister Smith showcases clever songwriting while embracing the introspective and emotional themes inherent in the genre. Formerly a guitarist for the Canadian darkwave band Moev, this versatile artist now plays cello for the Vancouver Philharmonic Orchestra. As Plain Mister Smith, his music has garnered significant support from publications such as CLASH Mag, NOTION Mag, Under The Radar Mag, EARMILK, NOCTIS Mag, METAL Mag and Atwood Mag, among others.

‘Grade Five and the Axe’ is an eclectic indie folk track that evokes memories of the clumsy mischief of one’s youth. Acoustic guitar interspersed with expressive cello notes and other atmospheric strings with simple folk-rock drums create a strong sense of a story being told – or reminisced. Plain Mister Smith’s and Findlay Brown’s lilting vocals further enhance the nursery-rhyme nature of the song’s story; a playful ode to preteen shenanigans.

Plain Mister Smith divulged: “Kids get up to crazy things.  A blurry memory of getting drunk in the woods in Grade Five while a friend swung an axe around, and maybe at some point believing the axe has splintered me in two…”

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