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February 29, 2024 Quiet Storm releases a haunting yet danceable new single, ‘This Place’

Multifaceted artist Quiet Storm recently unveiled his latest single, ‘This Place,’ on February 23, 2024. Having enjoyed consecutive Music Week UK Top 10 Chart positions with previous hits like ‘Lady Show Me’ and ‘You Make Me Shudder,’ Quiet Storm, who divides his time between London and Mykonos, is making waves in the music scene. Notably, ‘This Place’ has already garnered support from influential tastemaker EARMILK. Prior to his musical pursuits, Quiet Storm had a remarkable career in the fashion industry, working with renowned brands like Versace and styling for celebrities such as Princess Diana, Prince William, Elton John, Joan Collins, Liz Hurley, and members of Duran Duran. Now fully committed to his musical journey, he has bid farewell to the fashion world.

‘This Place’ stands as a vibrant dream pop masterpiece, showcasing lush synthscapes, an irresistible four-on-the-floor beat, and the emotive vocals of Quiet Storm intricately woven with subtle reverb-soaked vocal samples. The song beautifully captures a fusion of melancholy and euphoria, encapsulating the elusive essence of our dreamed experiences.

Quiet Storm shared: “I seem to live my life through many of the songs I have written but the new Quiet Storm single, ‘This Place’, goes beyond that and is set in a twilight world delving into the realm of my dreams and fantasies of a film noir landscape.”

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