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March 4, 2022 REVIEW: Classical composer Olovson shares exuberant album Storytelling

               Image credit: Eliot Lee Hazel

Emerging artist Olovson has finally released his long-awaited album Storytelling via 1136 Diamond. Olovson is the moniker of part Grammy Award winning musician Jacob Olofsson.  The album features the familiar track ‘Labyrinter’ which calls to mind early silent films with its whimsical, inviting yet mysterious tone throughout. This is the ideal track to reminiscence with or just enjoy as is with its comforting mood.

Stream/ Download: Storytelling LP

‘En Mi Lado’ is a gentle yet lively track with cascading piano notes that divert toward a more playful direction. A track for all the children at heart that can appreciate a classical tune or two.

‘Ruth’ surprised me the most, it’s one of the most toe-tapping tracks I have heard in a while in terms of classical sounds. Other acoustics collide with the signature piano structure to create this exhilarating track – brilliant.The final track ‘Leaving Home’ creates an equilibrium of sadness and joy with its instrumental dips and rises, which definitely sums up the feeling of leaving the nest. 

In conclusion, this album is an exuberant listening experience for young and old souls looking for a listening oasis to absorb themselves in for as long as needed.

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