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April 19, 2022 Singer Sabrina Monique shares high-spirited studio music video

                        Image credit: Elliott Lopes

Relationships are complex enough, and Sabrina Monique wants to let go of unnecessary baggage in her latest song ‘More Than A Friend’. The track, released via United Word Records, has now also been complemented with an energetic music video featuring the songstress as she does what she loves, and that is working in the studio and having a lovely time while doing so.

Stream /Download: ‘More Than A Friend’

In an interview with Muze FM, Sabrina Monique mentioned: “No one’s path is linear and everybody’s will look different. The worst thing you could do is get down on yourself while you’re trying to forge your own. If something is difficult or feels impossible I can assure you it is most likely worth it, so keep going. The grass is always green where you water it.”

Wise words indeed from the singer, she engages with her fans by sharing personal and relatable experiences in her music. Sabrina Monique is an honest pop goddess that is definitely on the right path. Watching this latest video of the singer, one can easily absorb her bubbly and magnetic energy.

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