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July 25, 2022 Singer Sofia Evangelina reflects on love in new song

Image credit: @Sierra Stone

Encapsulating a fairytale in a single song, singer Sofia Evangelina has shared her new record ‘Get Outta My Head’, out via Tsarina Records. Her vocal prowess is the first thing listeners will notice. Her powerful voice takes center stage, filling the room with presence. Unstoppable, she refuses to yield, and her light shines through.

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The title perfectly describes the message behind the single: ‘Get Outta My Head’ is a song that describes how easily lovers can become hooked on each other. After all, love is a drug, and Sofia understands this truth, sharing her perspective on what this experience — of always having someone on your mind — is like. 

Although the song explores the insatiable yearning people feel in relationships, there is a strong streak of independence here. Perhaps it’s the boldness of her voice or the sureness with which she reaches those impossibly high notes, either way, she delivers Get Outta My Head’ with skill and force.

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