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February 10, 2023 Songwriter Jacob Lee explores a new style in ‘Easy For You’

Image credit: Nathan Landers

Lowlyland Records founder and independent musician Jacob Lee has dropped his new single ‘Easy For You’, a record that signifies a shift in the producer’s artistic direction. He says, “This track is a departure from my usual production style and represents a step forward in my personal growth as a songwriter and producer.” The shift has occurred at a critical moment: March and April will see Lee tour Europe and the UK for his The Lowly Lyricist tour.

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Making the change without losing the signature philosophical approach to lyric writing, Lee aims for the essential in his new record. Up close and personal, his spacious vocals harmonise in a gentle, layered melody that carries his message along with it.

The song title and chorus lyric, ‘Easy For You’, sounds like a remark one would make during the heat of a fight. Does Jacob feel misunderstood? I think so. Listening to the record, I hear the frustration of feeling like ‘they just don’t get it’, a relatable experience that Lee has managed to pack into just over 3 minutes of warm bass, syncopated rhythms, and heavy synth crashes.

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