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May 12, 2023 The Burma returns with new glazy song

The Burma returns with new glazy song

Image credit: Ciara O Toole

The Burma are back but with something different. Where their debut album focused on the Indie rock side of things (read our piece on the LP), their latest offering, a single titled ‘23’, leans more toward the Dream Pop side of things, with heavily glazy vocals, soft plucks, and woozy guitar filters. A languid record that drifts among the clouds, ‘23’ sees lead vocalist Tony O Donovan reflecting, looking to the past to inspire the mood that pervades the track.

Stream / Download: The Burma – ‘23’

Will the trio continue to paint the remainder of their forthcoming sophomore album (yes, there is one in the works) with a similar brush, I wonder? Touching on the subject, the band shared: “‘23’” is the first song we wrote and recorded for our second album. It’s one of those songs that came together really quickly. The song you hear now has barely changed from its initial conception, which is a rare thing for us!”

Listen to ‘23’ here!

The Burma Tour Date(s):

3 June – Wild Roots, Sligo

4 June – You Bloom, Co. Dublin

19 Aug – Canal Bar @ Dingwalls, Camden, London

14 Oct – Live At St. Lukes, Cork

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March 14, 2022 Singer Ilja Alexander shares comforting dream pop EP

Singer Ilja Alexander shares comforting dream pop EP

Image credit: Ryan Blackwell & Nastassia Winge – Beyond Photography

Have you ever felt yourself standing at the edge of calm and collected? It could be anything that triggers it, like your partner deciding to call it quits. Or maybe you just lost your job or even your beloved sentimental possessions being stolen. Musician Ilja Alexander provides a solace for all the bruised souls with his latest meditative and reflective work Nature via Green Monk Records which talks about healing and growth amidst adversity.

Stream / Download: Nature EP

The musician elaborates on how dear this particular EP means to him: “We breathe and live by all that Nature gives us. We reach to her for calmness and peace. The message of this song is to remind everyone how precious Nature is and to restore harmony and balance in today’s world. It’s a song about gratitude and love. This song is also about finding individual harmony and balance, peace of mind. I found inspiration for the songs on this EP while processing some profound childhood traumas. Nature, as well as my previously released single Butterfly, are about self-awakening and guidance.”

Listen to EP title track ‘Nature’  on

We can all take a leaf of wisdom from this latest EP that takes an honest look at humanity and how we can fix it if we start looking inward. A sweet-sounding and light production leave to access the heartfelt lyrical content that the musician shares freely. Let your mind wander into a dreamlike pop landscape with this new EP.

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April 8, 2021 Collaborative dream-pop act Kids Love Surf unveil song ‘Moments’

Collaborative dream-pop act Kids Love Surf unveil song ‘Moments’

Kids Loves Surf are a collaborative project from Hastings. They were brought together by the 2020 COVID-19 lockdown and decided to make tunes while they had the time. They have been collaborating remotely from March 2020 onwards combining their love of all things dreampop.

The first single ‘OYO’ was championed by BBC Introducing South (they said ‘Dreamy sounds’) and the band have now followed that track up with the very excellent ‘Moment’. They have also picked up plays from Amazing Radio and have had coverage from a lot of blogs like Subba Cultcha and Come Her Floyd to name but a few.

Live is a problem for everyone at the moment but in an ideal world they will be out gigging in late 2021. A November tour is now in the planning stage as well as a follow up to the current single and more tunes should be with us very soon

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