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September 27, 2023 Tristan de Liege and Jambal create musical alchemy on ‘Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment’.

Tristan de Liege and Jambal create musical alchemy on ‘Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment’.

Established electronic/downtempo producer Tristan De Liège has teamed up with up and coming alternative jazz quartet Jambal on their new album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment, released on the 15th September 2023. The album showcases the focus track, ‘The Great Wave,’ along with their previously released singles, ‘Uncertainties‘ and ‘Collisions Of Light.’ These earlier releases earned recognition on Spotify Editorial Playlist State Of Jazz, as well as acclaim from CLASH Magazine and airplay on UK National radio station Jazz FM, hosted by John Osborne. Additionally, ‘The Great Wave,’ serving as the album’s focus track, has already received early praise from EARMILK.

Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment is a bewitching meeting point for these artists – it is a delicate nu jazz odyssey that combines the modern electronic elements of downtempo with the timeless, improvisatory feel of jazz. The instrumentation is understated but undoubtedly sophisticated – you can tell that every musician involved really knows what they are doing. The band moves between quiet, slow motifs and busy crescendos with ease. The rhythm section steers the music with complicated but engaging meters, tastefully pulling back at times to let the melodies and harmonies shine through. Its masterful, moving and deeply intricate at all times.

This collaboration is very special to us, for many reasons,” the artists commented. “It is Tristan’s first foray into making a jazz album with a band, and it is Jambal’s first full-length album. Jambal’s European jazz aesthetics meeting Tristan’s inspirations from living in Los Angeles and collaborating with electronic and jazz players there resulted in a beautiful and interesting synergy that was surprising and fruitful – leading to a unique set of tracks that neither would have made on their own. The pieces also have a wide range of emotional expression and narrative, showcasing the full range of both Tristan’s composing approach and Jambal’s performance and interpretation”.

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August 7, 2023 Electronic producer Tristan De Liège and jazz band Jambal team up for ‘Uncertainties’

Electronic producer Tristan De Liège and jazz band Jambal team up for ‘Uncertainties’

Image credit: Cédric Weber (left) & Christian Sorensen Hansen (right)

Esteemed LA-based electronic producer Tristan De Liège has teamed up with emerging jazz band Jambal for their new single, ‘Uncertainties’, released on the 4th of August via Tristan De Liège X Jambal Music. The single, reminiscent of artists like Arms and Sleepers, St Germain, Azymuth, and Ezra Collective, is the first release from their forthcoming album Enterprises of Great Pith and Moment.

‘Uncertainties’ immediately announces itself as being contemporary, a Jazz fusion of old and new. With intricate rhythm sections and modern synths in the background, it builds and builds. The trumpet is eventually made the star of the show, teasing and building in a rather improvised and playful way. Its crescendo is emotive and longing, but calm too. Like things aren’t all right, but they may be eventually. It sounds like cigarettes on a dark New York Street. A fine display of jazz versatility and individual musical performance.

Tristan De Liège and Jambal shared: “Uncertainties was one of the last tunes of the album we finished. We initially struggled to find a direction that everyone agreed on, but eventually, through collective improvisation, the song became divided into two sections: the minimalistic instrumentation for the first half and the anthemic character in the second. The song represents the feeling of uncertainty of life when you’re making big decisions or starting new projects, and you feel a building sense of excitement but you’re not sure what the outcome will be.”

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May 21, 2021 Electronic jazz musician SENU share ‘Jetlag’ song

Electronic jazz musician SENU share ‘Jetlag’ song

Today, Friday 21st May 2021 sees the release of Jetlag– the debut album from SENU

The release of ‘Jetlag’ will be celebrated with a launch show, ‘Jetlag’ performed in its entirety, filmed live at Fuel HQ in Dublin, to be streamed on Nialler9’s YouTube channel at 8pm on Friday 21st May.

In addition, MCD has announced that tickets for SENU’s headline show at The Grand Social on 22nd February 2022 will go on sale today at 9am via Ticketmaster

Over the past year producer and multi-instrumentalist Sam Killeen has been releasing his original music under the moniker SENU, a vehicle for his unique blend of electronic beats, jazz and hip-hop. Today, he releases ‘Jetlag’ – the debut album from SENU

A sprawling electronic soundscape documenting a journey from Ireland to New York and back again, this is an album borne out of experimentation in more ways than one. Frustrated by insomnia, Sam challenged himself to write and record an album in one day. ‘Jetlag’ is the result of this experiment.

“Jetlag, as a whole, is about an experience meeting one of my musical idols, Evan Marien. I ended up staying in New York with him for a week and on return to Ireland I was overwhelmed with sleep deprivation, so I decided to challenge myself by attempting to write a full album in one night. This album is the result,” says SENU of the album’s origins.

As Nialler9 wrote in 2018: “If you’re well versed in the Irish music scene, you’ve probably tripped across Sam Killeen before.” Sam is well known for his work as a professional guitarist and musical director, having worked with the likes of James Vincent McMorrow, The Divine Comedy, Lisa Hannigan, Villagers, Loah, Bantum and more. Recently, he conducted strings for The Scratch’s album anniversary show (watch here). With his original music, he has supported acts such as Mark Guiliana, Cory Wong and the aforementioned Evan Marien.

Sam says: “As a session musician, my job usually involves writing and performing parts to music that specifically suits someone else’s style, whatever the genre may be. SENU became a place where I could push my boundaries creatively using the styles I love the most: electronic, jazz & hip hop music.”

While SENU is a vehicle for Sam to express his individual style, he is quick to credit the guest vocalists on the album with adding a new dimension to it. “Having Jamel Franklin [of Shy Mascot] and Caoi De Barra [of Wyvern Lingo] write on the album really lifted the music from its prior instrumental state,” he says. “Lyrics have been a great input to the music by the additional dialogue creating a space and image to the song. Both Caoi and Jamel have a unique energy and it was a real joy creating music with them.”

You can pick up a copy on Bandcamp here. 

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August 21, 2020 Musician Zeb Samuels brings positive vibrations with new EP

Musician Zeb Samuels brings positive vibrations with new EP

Ease into the weekend with the fresh sounds of Zeb Samuels and his newly released EP, Vibration Exploration. Premiered via CLASH Magazine, the EP features three remarkable songs however, ‘Yellow’ in particular stood out for us. Described as “intoxicating with its prevailing ethereal laden air”, the single is guaranteed to find itself at home on any Sunday afternoon mix. 

“I’m really happy to be able to present a purely instrumental EP that displays my exploration as an instrumentalist and producer. Writing vocal-driven music takes on a very different approach to my music and really happy with the outcome.” – Zeb Samuels, speaking with pride about his latest release.

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