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November 23, 2020 Marya Stark inspires the ‘Stargazer’ within us with her music video

Marya Stark inspires the ‘Stargazer’ within us with her music video

                              Image Credit: Sydni Indman

We’ve all got a little ‘Stargazer’ within us. Marya Stark explores this,  along with featured artist Elijah Ray on their mesmerising single via Rose Bard Arts. The single is taken from her latest album, Sapphire which was inspired by the folklore of the Chalice Well. The songstress is currently hosting a 7-week songwriting course which is created to “develop your voice and creative self-expression”. Find out more here.

Sapphire on SpotifyAppleMusic

“This song was inspired by the shocking and cathartic beauty of the Northern Lights. I became obsessed with the natural phenomenon and wanted to write a song about what the experience would be like if the northern lights were happening inside of my being.” – Marya Stark tells us about her single, ‘Stargazer ft. Elijah Ray’.

Sapphire Album Tracklist

1. Echo:

2. Stargazer

3. In Between

4. Sapphire

5. Blood Of The Stone

6. Celestial Butterflies

7. Negra Luz

8. Baptism

9. Crystal Chambers

10. Rose Lineage

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November 20, 2020 JORI SJÖROOS lights up our weekend with unusual music

JORI SJÖROOS lights up our weekend with unusual music

                                                                                   Image credit: Paavo Lehtonen

Needing something lighthearted to start your weekend off? We’ve got just the thing with the newly revealed song, “SNTARIEN” taken from JORI SJÖROOS’ latest album – SJÖROOTS via 11 ONES. The producer is also releasing an instrumental version of the album today, allowing listeners to explore the uninterrupted sonic landscapes. SJÖROOS provided a thought-provoking trailer for his album:

Listen: SJÖROOTS albumListen: SJÖROOTS instrumental

While the album is an experimental masterpiece that dips and dives through a variety of genres, “SNTARIEN” immediately stands out with its light-hearted nature. If you’re looking for something deeper and darker, we strongly suggest you take a listen to the rest of the album, linked above. But for now, here’s “SNTARIEN”: