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March 4, 2022 PREMIERE: Indie band The Day shares heart-melting song ‘June’

PREMIERE: Indie band The Day shares heart-melting song ‘June’

Image credit: Nanne Spielmann

We are pleased to share the shoegaze track ‘June’ from indie band The Day via Sinnbus today. ‘June’ talks about friendship and how people drift apart when time and space get in the way of a good thing sometimes. Hazy and dreamy vocals cascade this track along with spaced out guitar notes. Definitely a song that perfectly sums up the heartache of losing a friend, The Day are a delight for indie listeners who want to listen to alternative lyrics that touch on other areas of life.

The band share: “June’ is a real coming-of-age song. The song is about a deep friendship that somehow got lost on the way to adulthood. The lyrics tell of the carelessness of teenagers, of the unclear boundaries between friendship and love, of living in the moment. At the same time, fears and worries emerge, about one’s own future, about the world itself. The older you get, the more space they take up and push friendship more and more into the background until it finally fades away completely.”

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January 27, 2022 PREMIERE: Indie band The Assist rebel with song ‘Television Kid’

PREMIERE: Indie band The Assist rebel with song ‘Television Kid’

Image credit: Finn Elwell

Life is more than just a runway show or performance stage with The Assist’s latest track ‘Television Kid’. An indie track that will have you chained to its rhythm, the band wrote this song about all those people constantly chasing attention and fame. As an effect, they lose their sense of reality and end up spiraling, losing things that they hold close to their heart in the process. The band have been going strong independently since their inception in 2014, performing alongside acts like Blossoms and Black Honey. Not feeling the need to conform to a certain sound, the act experiment with hip-hop, disco textures, and any topic their heart desires – badass.

Vocalist Mikey shares: “Ambition is an admirable trait and I’m a strong advocate for having dreams that we live and die by. However, it is important to ensure that whilst chasing our dreams we are aware of the bigger picture that is life. In order to grow and maintain a realistic outlook on life it is important to acknowledge that defeat is very much possible and as individuals we aren’t invincible.” 

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