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June 21, 2022 Synth-pop songstress ena mori unmasks new video ‘SOS’

Synth-pop songstress ena mori unmasks new video ‘SOS’

Award-winning synth-pop extraordinaire ena mori has graced her fans with another striking video for her single ‘SOS’, out now via Offshore Music Ph. Despite what the title says, ena mori needs no help curating sounds designed to pique interest and storyboarding a video that is capable of displaying her flair for the dramatic.

Stream/ Download: ‘SOS’

Revealing a playful perspective on internal turmoil, ‘SOS’ graces the listener with a zany palette of high-energy synths and retro vocals that feel influenced by the free-spirited ‘80s era, while somehow still maintaining a fresh feel and bringing pop into the twenty-first century.

Her exuberance is infectious. Even the most rigid stiff would be unable to resist tapping their foot along with this upbeat artwork. ena mori is an artist who has proved that she can create conceptually-strong mini-stories to accompany her audio explorations, based on how she relates to her feelings. All in all ‘SOS’ is a joyous soundtrack to the human condition.

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March 9, 2021 Music producer Clarian marks first ever NFT music auction for synth-pop album

Music producer Clarian marks first ever NFT music auction for synth-pop album

Enter the Whale Shark NFT Auction

Visionary artist Clarian announced the first NFT Music Album Auction ever, ahead of Kings of Leon, via The Golden Spoon on peer-to-peer marketplace OpenSea, March 4th, 2021. Issuing a challenge to the control that streaming giants such as Spotify have established, Clarian is betting he will sell his aptly titled new album Whale Shark for nothing less than 100 thousand dollars in Ethereum. On the album, listeners will find the noteworthy single ‘Strange Vibrations’. Up for auction is the one and only authentic copy of the album with the publishing rights included as an NFT. The auction ends March 20, 2021, at 4 AM GMT with the Electronic Music Community and Culture (EMC^2) room, on the Clubhouse messaging app, hosting the final album auction countdown.

The exchange of this artifact sends a powerful message and empowers a music industry in need of technological liberation. This is the first of its kind as a purchase of a music content on Blockchain, adding a deeper value of significance and responsibility to the bearer. In purchasing the release you will own the publishing rights to the album.

Watch Clarian’s announcement HERE 

NFTs, or non-fungible tokens, are a new type of digital asset. Recorded on a secure digital ledger known as “Blockchain” each NFT represents a unique collector’s item that can’t be duplicated and, therefore, extremely rare. Decentralized Blockchain and NFT technology will lead the way to a much needed music and art revolution and it’s already starting to happen. Clarian believes that the sale of this NFT can empower an entire generation by restoring life and freedom back to the music industry.

Over the years, Clarian has been featured and acclaimed in places such as Rolling Stone, Sonar Festival, The Guardian, CLASH Magazine, BBC Radio, for his unique electronic surrealism, and has worked in the shadows as an engineer and songwriter for underground heroes and Grammy nominated artists alike.

Whale Shark is a collection of dark, woozy, synth-pop tracks underpinned by solid songwriting. Each track offers a unique adventure into the cool, subaquatic world of Whale Shark accompanied by surreal vocals that bubble to the surface of the enchanting experimental production.

Within Clarian’s lyrics for ‘Strange Vibrations’, we can find some unique insight to his mind: “I’m picking up strange vibrations ; She’s going through transformations ; I’m picking up strange vibrations ; In the forest light, change awaits ; I’m going through transformations ; In the forest light, change awaits”.

Stream/Buy Whale Shark on Bandcamp

Whale Shark Tracklisting:

1. Strange Vibrations

2. Whale Shark

3. Dancing In The Shadows

4. Virtual Misery

5. Blue Blockers

6. Camera By The Sea

7. The Stranger

8. Ballad Of X

9. Frozen

10. Melting

11. Memories Change

12. Condo Generation

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November 13, 2020 Synthpop singer Gregory Dillon releases debut EP, Sad magic

Synthpop singer Gregory Dillon releases debut EP, Sad magic

Image credit : ‘Lovely’ video (director: Is She The Moon)

After three single releases in 2020, Sad Magic is the first EP for queer pop artist Gregory Dillon. Reaching 1m+ Spotify streams across his catalog, Gregory continues to impress globally, with major press coverage secured with Billboard, Gay Times, Paper Magazine, Buzzfeed, Billboard and Bedford & Bowery the last of which writes of Gregory‘s sound as pulsing with a yearning to look backward. Gregory Dillon‘s energetic synth-driven production and sensitive vocals are perfect for engaging in escapism.

Searching to find home, Gregory Dillon wanders a suburban dystopia that resembles both a familiar nightmare and distant daydream in this debut EP. Narrated from dawn to dusk, Dillon‘s album yearns to re-explore the complex landscape that both shaped and saddened his adolescents. This nuanced realization of a stereo-typed, American Dream is a Sad Magic best reflected in solitude.

“It isn’t enough for this album to just be euphoric or mysterious; I also hope to relay something very ordinary, very familiar, and very nostalgic”,says Gregory.

Gregory Dillon understands sad pop euphoria. He was primed for it in his suburban boyhood by secretly singing Phantom of The Opera in his basement and skidding asphalt alone on his green Razor scooter. In an attempt to find confidence in adulthood, Gregory moved to Brooklyn where he began constructing a pop fantasy that re-explores the confusing landscape that shaped his youth. Gregory has the unique position of being a classically trained performer (his first instrument being the piano). Using these musical sensibilities, he can be found anywhere from sound tracking a ballet, to writing your next favourite sad bop.

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