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September 28, 2023 THE IRREPRESSIBLES return with heartfelt single in ‘Transformation of Acceptance’

Renowned British composer and singer-songwriter, Jamie Irrepressible, known by the moniker “THE IRREPRESSIBLES,” has unveiled exciting updates about an unexpected EP titled Self Love & Acceptance. The EP’s features the track, ‘Transformation of Acceptance’, which was released on September 27th, with the full EP set to illuminate our ears on October 2nd, 2023. This forthcoming EP serves as a prelude to a unique UK tour taking place this Autumn. Collectively amassing an impressive three billion streams combined, his unique brand of cathartic orchestral-pop has cemented Jamie as one of Britain’s most talented musical exports, garnering collaborations with electronic artists such as Royskopp, Rex The Dog, and ionalee.

‘Transformation of Acceptance’ captivates listeners with its enchanting piano melodies harmonizing seamlessly with Jamie‘s exquisite and emotional vocals. The song begins with a tender and intimate pace, gradually evolving into a graceful euphony of strings and bass, ultimately delivering Jamie‘s profound message of self-acceptance and the liberation it bestows. This introspective and uplifting piece serves as a beautiful reflection of Jamie‘s inner narrative and personal journey.

Speaking about the track, Jamie had this to say, “‘Transformation of Acceptance’ is about how we learn the reasons for our issues with self esteem and then learn how to love ourselves as we would love ourselves if we were our own child. Learning to love ourselves with unconditional love which becomes the new foundation, the new roots, of the tree from which we can grow and blossom as a person.”

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