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May 23, 2024 UK soul sensation Mikyla Cara shares feel-good anthem ‘if u don’t mind’

UK-based singer Mikyla Cara released her latest single, ‘If U Don’t Mind’, on April 26, 2024. With influences like Alicia Keys and Aretha Franklin, she’s firmly rooted in the neosoul/R&B genre. Since her debut EP Grown in January 2017, she’s built a notable career, including recent releases like ‘Thank You, Thank Me’ (2023) and the EP Feels Like A Break Up… (2023), featuring tracks supported by BBC Introducing and BBC 1Xtra. Mikyla collaborates with producer Scarz and performs internationally at venues like The Apollo Theatre in New York City and Studio 88 London.

Mikyla Cara taps into her neo soul and R&B inspirations to infuse ‘If You Don’t Mind’ with a classic feel, transporting listeners to the golden age of R&B, reminiscent of Alicia Keys at her peak. With its captivating melody and relatable lyrics, the song creates an immersive experience, inviting listeners to explore themes of love, self-discovery, and pure happiness.

Reflecting on her inspiration for the song, Mikyla shares: “I wanted to create a feel-good song that was reminiscent of old school R&B. The type of song you could vibe to on the way to get your morning coffee or sing along to at the top of your lungs at the nightclub“.

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