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Jamila & The Other Heroes, a psychedelic, funk-rock group released their new album Sit El Kon (The Grandmother of the Universe) via SPRINGSTOFF on the 31st of January 2020. 

The entire group is based in Berlin but all have varied backgrounds and ethnicities such as Middle Eastern, Latin American and Eastern European. The group is based on the belief that anyone can be a hero hence the use of the word Heroes in the band name. 

Jamila Al-Yousef, the vocalist of the group studied politics, history with a particular focus on the Middle East. Besides their music, the band is advocates for the empowerment of women of colour in the music industry through their music. Their music combines the English and the Arab language. 

The group elaborates on the new album, “SIT EL KON is dedicated to the many unheard voices of our strong and funny grandmothers whose sacrifices paved the ground for our freedom today. A freedom that makes us feel lost sometimes. A freedom that shall not be selfish but in which we can expand an attitude of solidarity and unconditional love. We wish to take our listeners on a furious journey through unconscious galaxies which unite us with the experiences and spirits of our ancestors that continue to exist on this planet in the here and now. May our grandmothers be playing Backgammon and drinking Araq together while protecting us from outer space.”

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