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December 5, 2022 Musician Jacob Lee bares his soul in new single

Image credit: Nathan Landers

Entrepreneur and skilled singer-songwriter Jacob Lee offer his brand new single ‘Sick & Tired’ via Philosophical Records on the 2nd of December. Hailing from the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, Jacob enjoys the title of the first NFT musician in Australia coupled with recognition from numerous tastemaker publications including Clash Magazine, Music Feeds and Rolling Stone India just to mention a few. 

Stream / Download: Jacob Lee – ‘Sick & Tired’

This new song is a ballad that contains a very charming melody that successfully distracts listeners from the negative and sombre title. Ultimately, ‘Sick & Tired’ boasts an impressive musical sound with seducing nuances in the melody that are laced with dispersed and structured drum beats that are felt in the innermost part of the heart. The track entices the auditory senses like a members-only club that only serves aged wine. 

Jacob Lee elaborates on his personal connection with the new song with these words: “Sick & Tired’ could be one of my most important songs yet. Iterating my perspective on the modern world, I packaged this essential message in a chill, ethereal track”.

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