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September 29, 2023 Inusa Dawuda’s tranquil tenacity shines through in new single ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’

Inusa Dawuda’s tranquil tenacity shines through in new single ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’

Singer-songwriter, saxophonist, record producer and entertainer Inusa Dawuda a.k.a the “Black Pharaoh” released his latest single, ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ on the 1st of September 2023. Born in Ghana, and now based in Hamburg, Germany, Inusa Dawuda is deeply inspired by the likes of James Brown, Fela Kuti, Manu Dibango, Bob Marley, and Jimmy Cliff, which is evident in his current records and persona. He has enjoyed success with his music being released on various labels such as BMG and Universal Music, Pacha Recordings, and even on Cafe Del Mar. Inusa has also graced festival stages and clubs across the world, from Pacha in Ibiza, to Nikki beach in Miami

‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ is a smooth and groovy balance of instrumental and electronic music – complex African rhythms, lush pads and warm guitar licks are decoratively interspersed with glimmers of Dawuda’s sultry saxophone. His voice is raspy, soulful and potent, lending the song a strong sense of exultation. ‘Waka waka’ is a slang phrase from Cameroon that means ‘do it’; a song about perseverance and joy through difficult times.

“’Waka Waka Day & Night’ is a song born from the struggles of everyday life, particularly for those from the global south who seek a better life abroad,” Inusa Dawuda noted. “It all started with a bassline inspired by my late friend and companion Lisbon Bolowei Simon, who had once played with Afrobeat legend Fela Kuti at a very young age, he told me.”

Watch: Inusa Dawuda – ‘Waka Waka Day & Night’ (Lyrics video)

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October 16, 2020 Afrobeats DJ duo Ancient Astronauts release anticipated EP

Afrobeats DJ duo Ancient Astronauts release anticipated EP

 Image credit: Rob Myers

Ancient Astronauts have released their song ‘Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San’, along with their anticipated EP Kampala Fire on the 16th of October.

Speaking about the EP release, Dogu mentions: “We have always been huge fans of African music and rhythms from different African regions. Afrobeat from artists like Fela Kuti or Ebo Taylor inspired us a lot when it comes to creating grooves in our own music. Kampala is our home base in East Africa and the studio of my partner label East African Records is the place where we record a lot of music and singers. The city of Kampala is such a special place with a really unique music and party scene that I cannot compare to any other place in this world. As a long follower of Nyabinghi Reggae Music, I was overwhelmed that the origin of Nyabinghi and its unique way of drumming is in Uganda. Since my first travels and tours in East Africa, I was stoked by the huge talent of young and mostly unknown artists within the city that it was a natural move for us to pay homage to that powerful vibe of Kampala.”

This latest offering by this duo embraces the country of Uganda and its many intricacies. ‘Do It To The Beat’ flows naturally rather than feeling pressure to conform to a particular style.

Kampala Fire EP Tracklist:

1. Ghetto Youth Never Give Up feat. C Wyne Nalukalala

2. Ddala feat. Spyda MC

3. Pump Up The Sound feat. Bani Fyah

4. Do It To The Beat feat. Blessed San

5. Source Of Life feat. Nilotika Cultural Ensemble 

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April 16, 2020 Song ‘Dhaulagiri’ by Afro-Beat and experimental duo Trrmà wows us

Song ‘Dhaulagiri’ by Afro-Beat and experimental duo Trrmà wows us

If you did not think that the experimental duo Trrmà could not become more experimental, prepare to be blown away with the track ‘Dhaulagirl’. It will alter expectations of what this duo can offer their listeners, they have opened a new dimension into their artistry. Dhaulagiri’ falls off of their upcoming album The Earth’s Relief out on the 1st of May 2020 via 557 Records. 

‘Dhaulagiri’ on SpotifyApple Music

Phuture Life previously commented on the track: “Trrmà’s previous single ‘Shishanpangma’ has a completely different feel to the new single ‘Dhaulagiri’, which takes a polyrhythmic turn, as well as adding a far-out and sporadic beat.” Sound Lab  adds, “‘Dhaulagiri’ pleasantly surprises Trrmà fans, it starts with presenting a facade of a progressing beat, that is abruptly deconstructed by electronic textures, the listener is teased with moments of a melodic beat throughout the track.”

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Trrmà take the time to describe the track to their fans, “‘Dhaulagiri’ combines afro-jazz percussion elements with abstract electronics that remind spacey 90’ scratch DJ works. An unconventional  form of broken beat composition.”    

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DJ Chillz released a new song ‘Winning’ ft Miss Locker

London-based DJ/producer, ​DJ Chillz has unveiled her latest single in the form of ‘Winning’​, featuring the sultry vocals of East London singer, ​Miss Locker.

With her signature blend of House, RnB, and Afrobeats, ​‘Winning’ ​delivers pure soul. Combining percussion and bouncy drum beats with ​Miss Locker’s ​dulcet tones, this next offering to come from ​Chillz is yet another addition to a ​burgeoning catalogue of prime productions.

The founder of ​Riddim Nights London and the syndicated ​Eclectic Sounds Radio Show​, ​DJ Chillz has been a force within the music industry for a while now. Known for her skills behind the decks, eclectic live sets and her effortless ability to combine the rhythm of Afrobeats with RnB and House, ​Chillz has stepped into the spotlight as a talented producer – she sounds regularly appearing across the airwaves of ​BBC 1Xtra and ​Capital Xtra.

‘Winning’ ​marks an exciting new chapter for ​Chillz as she steadily climbs up the ranks of rising female talent making their mark on the industry.

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