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August 1, 2022 Interview with pop music talents Cimo Fränkel and Skofee

Interview with pop music talents Cimo Fränkel and Skofee

Image Credit: Christina Bryson

In the brief yet stormy romance that is their latest collaborative effort ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love’, which they have released under Sign From The Universe / Tunecore, Pop creators Cimo Fränkel and Skofee fall in and out of love. Here we have two individual voices that compliment each other like wine and first dates. Textured tones and delicate breaks in Skofee’s pleasantly unique timbre convey heart-tugging emotion, adding sincerity to the song and enlivening its subject matter, while Cimo Fränkel decorates each lyric with a teary quiver. We wanted to know where the duo hide their secrets, so we asked them a few questions:

Stream/ Download: Where Do You Hide Your Love’

Can you describe an aha moment you experienced while recreating ‘Where Do You Hide Your Love’?

Cimo Fränkel: The second part of the second verse in the song as it is now was what I started with as a chorus. I wanted to create something like Amy Macdonald’s “This Is The Life”. The aha moment was when I completely let that go and wrote the actual chorus right after that part two days later.

Skofee: Honestly, Cimo agreeing to work on his song as a duet was a big moment for me. In creating the song, it was really cool to hear the original lyrics work from a split perspective.

This track is vocally and lyrically rich. What was your focus when creating this single?

Cimo Fränkel: The focus was to create something that was simple, but hadn’t been said that way yet. Melodically the focus was: no boundaries.

Skofee: I think the focus was to highlight the vocals as a key instrument in the track, the background vocal swells are emotional and give it a lot of power. We wanted it to be different from the original as well, which I think the moodier production as a whole accomplishes.

What are some of your earliest memories of music?

Cimo Fränkel: Dancing to Smooth Criminal by Michael Jackson and feeling emotions I had never felt before. I was so into it that it almost hurt, I couldn’t understand why an uptempo song like that would make me cry.

Skofee: My parents would sing a lot around the house, so it always felt fairly normal to have music around. We went to a bluegrass music festival in Winfield, Kansas starting when I was six or so—I remember being pretty taken with the live music there.

Take us through your songwriting process. Are there any particular steps you take when putting music together?

Cimo Fränkel: I usually start with chords and melody, I don’t start with lyrics until everything sounds the way it has to sound, melody is the most important step for me to get excited about finishing a song.

Skofee: It depends! Sometimes I have a lyrical idea and put it to music, others I’ll hear a track or lay down some chords and come up with a lyric concept that goes well with the music. My favorite part of the process is recording harmonies, I could do that for hours and hours at a time.

Studio work and music creation or performing and interacting with a live audience, which do you prefer?

Cimo Fränkel: I prefer studio work, there is nothing more satisfying than the process of creating a song from start to finish.

Skofee: Studio work and music creation hands down. I do love performing in a different way, but writing and creating the music is my favorite part of the process—it’s so fun to go into a session and leave with a song.

What is the most memorable response you have had to your music?

Cimo Fränkel: Somebody told me one of my songs saved their life. She had part of the lyrics tattooed on her leg.

Skofee: Any person who tells me that they listened to a song of mine and it served as a good soundtrack for a specific moment in their life—that sticks with me and it’s a really great feeling.

If you could put together a radio show, what kind of music would you play?

Cimo Fränkel: Disco and ‘80s music. Michael Jackson, A-ha, Tears For Fears, Fleetwood Mac, Crowded House, Stevie Wonder, a lot of Motown songs as well.

Skofee: Probably just what I’m listening to that week! I jump around a lot so it’s probably good that I don’t have a radio show.

Name five artists and their albums who would appear on your radio show

Cimo Fränkel: 

Fleetwood Mac – Tango In The Night

Michael Jackson – Off The Wall

2pac – All Eyez On Me

Stevie Wonder – Characters

Dire Straits – Brothers in Arms


McCall “…to be a dream…”

Charli XCX “CRASH”

Christine and the Queens “La vita nuova”

Dijon “Absolutely”

Rosalía “MOTOMAMI”

What would you like to achieve with your music? What does success look like to you?

Cimo Fränkel: I would want people to say, ‘that is a Cimo Frankel song’. Even if someone else does it I want them to recognize it, like Pharrell.

Skofee: I’m open to success looking a lot of different ways. My goal is to play consistent shows to crowds who know my lyrics, work with new people who I’ve been inspired by creatively, and keep evolving my sound with time. I just want to keep building on my career with each release and make people feel heard with my lyrics.

One last thought to leave your fans with?

Cimo Fränkel: Doing what you love is more specific than just a path, yes making music is what I love, but true happiness comes from executing the thing you love exactly the way you want to.

Skofee: I love you! Thank you for listening, it means the world.

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May 9, 2022 Alt-pop singer Maryze shares debut album 8

Alt-pop singer Maryze shares debut album 8

Photo Credit: Exposures by Tay

Maryze previously announced her debut LP 8 with a stormy-sweet queer nightclub-ready banger “Experiments”, followed by this she would share song ”Emo”.

Emo is the song Maryze always wanted to write to her high school boyfriend. It tells the tale of a love story turned toxic when you realize the person you thought you knew never really cared. “Did you ever listen to the songs I sent to you?” she asks repeatedly, sounding hurt and angry that her ex never took the time for things that meant something to her. She’s at a point where she’s checked out and numb, no longer fighting for a relationship that isn’t working anymore. The vibes are emo/rock/punk with vocal inspiration from Avril Lavigne and Paramore, bass tones emulating Fall Out Boy bassist Pete Wentz (Maryze’s longest-standing crush that her ex used to make fun of her for liking, calling the band lame), and a nod to Green Day’s tremolo guitar effect from “Boulevard of Broken Dreams”.

“I made the song with producer and long-time collaborator Solomon K-I (who is featured on guitar),” Maryze shares. “We actually met playing in an indie rock band 10 years ago and our former drummer Graeme McDonald is featured on live drums.”

Consequence of Sound added it to their Song of the Week roundup, noting: “Throughout “Emo,” Maryze appropriately gets her vengeance, cranking up the volume and launching into a nostalgic, ‘90s era alt rock chorus. It’s an introduction to the singer’s grittier side while still remaining catchy and unique, and it demonstrates Maryze’s urgent need to stand up and be heard.”

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February 10, 2022 Pop trio GIVVEN unveil captivatingly endearing song ‘Losing Colours’

Pop trio GIVVEN unveil captivatingly endearing song ‘Losing Colours’

Pop trio GIVVEN have unveiled their new single ‘Losing Colours’ via Bias Beach Records. Rich in its emotionally intense downtempo textures, one’s mind can easily fixate on the people they hold dear to their heart. The trio is comprised of members Adrian Held (who forms part of renowned electronic duo Klangkarussell), Jordan Haller, and Nikodem Milewski. ‘Losing Colours’ forms part of a bigger picture, which will consist of an EP and three picturesque music videos that will capture the breathtakingly distinct landscapes of Iceland.

Stream/ download: ‘Losing Colours’

Although everyone is not keen on feeling their emotions, ‘Losing Colours’ makes this fear disappear for its duration. The track although wholehearted is an inviting listen from the first few seconds with its laidback acoustic textures and gentle synth infusions. Not predictable and complex in textures, ‘Losing Colours’ is a charming taste of what we can expect from this talented genre-pushing trio. 

‘Losing Colours’ features on the Spotify playlist

Losing Colours EP Tracklist:

1. Taking On Water

2. Losing Colours

3. Doubts

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Image credit: GIVVEN

April 23, 2021 Electro-pop singer Hanne Mjøen breaks new ground with latest song

Electro-pop singer Hanne Mjøen breaks new ground with latest song

               Image credit: Fabian Fjeldvik

Breaking new ground from the mainstream qualities of her flirty pop princess appeal, singer Hanne Mjøen starts off on a different foot with latest single ‘Hell With You’ via Physical Presents. The singer spent the last few months evaluating her sound and  has gravitated towards ground-breaking musical influences like Robyn, Flume and Lorde. 

Stream/Download ‘Hell With You’

The songstress recently shared her feelings about releasing this track, and how her sound has changed in the last few months on socials recently: “Hi friends I wrote Hell With You in March 2019 with one of my favorite co-writers Karl Zine – and it’s been in the back of my mind ever since then. This song is very special to me, cause at the time I wrote it I had lost the drive to do my own artist project, and it inspired me to focus on writing songs for me again. Produced by the best Sondre Mjåland

Still maintaining the electro pop quirks of her former self, ‘Hell With You’s  production style takes a more jagged approach and we are not complaining one bit. The single breaks from the naive pop sweetheart complex of Hanne’s previous hits, and instead brings forward a lady that is fully aware of the weight of her decisions that she makes. Not a cautious or lighthearted track, this track focuses on the societal pressure and somewhat unwritten standards of being a female even in a more diverse and politically correct society.

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